Selected articles


Sea cucumbers are being eaten to death. National Geographic, 14 November

Driving for Uber when you can’t afford a car. The Atlantic, 12 September

Boston firm admits ‘massive failure’ in plan to aid South Africa tax agency. New York Times, 2 September

The poachers and the treasures of the deep. Guardian, 19 August

After children die in pit toilets, South Africa vows to fix school sanitation. New York Times, 14 August

Lions ate suspected rhino poachers. Some saw ‘karma.’ New York Times, 6 July

Poacher killed in high-speed boat chase. GroundUp News, 31 May

Divers risk drowning and sharks to poach abalone worth $200 a pound. New York Times, 31 March

What happens when a major world city runs dry? Foreign Policy, 14 February



Quick sand, dirty money. Hakai Magazine, 5 December

Armed robbers are now targeting South African abalone. National Geographic, 14 November

The Chinese 'miracle' elixir that threatens donkeys around the world. The Guardian, 31 October

Diving for abalone among the great white sharks. GroundUp News, 11 October

Rush for donkey skins in China draws wildlife traffickers. National Geographic, 22 September

Police shoot child in mouth. GroundUp News, 12 September

Chinese traditional medicine and the rush for African donkey skins. Foreign Policy, 19 May

Illicit miners scrape for diamonds on abandoned mines. Al Jazeera, 3 February

Inside South Africa's illicit diamond mines. Roads and Kingdoms, 17 January



Beneath the surface: Who killed Xolobeni's Bazooka Radebe? Good Magazine, 14 December

Table Mountain’s easy targets: On the trail with a Hout Bay mugger. GroundUp News, 4 December

Grey area: The illicit parrot trade and South Africa's captive-breeding industry. Oxpeckers, 29 September

Rough diamonds: An investigation into illicit mining in Namaqualand. GroundUp News, 27 June

The real estate apartheid: A crayfish poaching story. Hakai Magazine, 18 April

The abalone poacher. Roads and Kingdoms, 12 April

Cash crops poisoned in Pondoland: A dagga spraying investigation. GroundUp News, 7 April



As the pigeon flies: South Africa's unity race. Al Jazeera America, 3 October

(Top photo © Charlie Shoemaker)